Tremella biology facial mask

Item:M-MP45SWYE-6H Product Name: Tremella Protective Biofilm Net Weight : 45g Package: 6pcs * 48boxes    Product Details: Biological facial masks are our new expanded products, it's a condensate by pure chamomile essence and bone collagen, easily melt in hot water.     The differential of biological facial masks from normal facial masks is:         -- transparent completely like crystal    -- no paper layer for main layer, totally collagen for full layer        -- 100% pure plant rending              -- could be used for four hours         -- it will going very thin after you put on it, because the nutrition solid will become liquid along with skin’s temperature. -- could melt in hot water, you could use it to wash other skin, ...      Functions: Powerful Hydrating: The mask’s essence shape up the water protective film, make it not easy to spill out from mask, the effect is 10 times than normal masks. Efficient Supply Nutrition Chamomile extract essence could provide the nutrition that hungry skin need. Moderate, No Stimulation Pure chamomile essence and bone collagen, also suitable for allergy skin. Collagen Protein Supply protein collagen speedy, nourish skin, and oppose skin’s aging. Steps Of Usage: Cleanse face with warm water, and use towels to sweep the water on face, open the mask bag and take out the mask. Stretch the mask and apply it on face and take away the white pearlised film, adjust it gently according to personal face shape, make your face is tightly connectedwith mask. Enjoy the following relax time, after 15-20 minutes or longer, take away the mask. Tap your face slightly and massage it, improve skin’s absorption, then wash face with clear water.