Rose Biology Eye Mask

Item:M-YP6035SWMG-20H Product Name: Repair of biofilm by first aid of rose Net Weight : 20pcs Suitable Skin: Eye around skin, especially black-circle, eye pouch, loose eye skin, etc. Package: 20pcs * 48boxes   Function: Moisturizing, Nourishing Many kinds of essences, reach the bottom of skin quickly, supply water for skin, change the condition of dry and water-lacking. Fade Out Black Circle Efficiently adjustment and supply nutrition for eye skin, activate skin to change black circles. Tighten Lift Eye Around Repair damaged skin, revive skin’s elastic, nourish eye skin around, make it revitalizing. Steps Of Usage: After cleanse the eye skin, take out the eye mask, apply it on eyelid, and stroke it slightly to make the mask and skin connect tightly. Then tap the eye around skin slightly, which to prevent it fall out. After 20-30 minutes, take it away, don’t need to wash with water, then massage eye skin until the essence’s absorption completely. Can’t recycle used.