Jasmine Dry Flowers Bath Salts

Product Name: Jasmine Dry Flowers Bath Salts Size:1-2mm Fragrance: Jasmine Package : 300g/bottle,  500g/bottle
ItemSize Net Weight (g) Bottom Diameter (cm) Height (cm)
Y-F85100HML-T 500 8.5 10
Y-F8565HML-T 300 8.5 6.5
Functions: Cleansing deeply, nourish skin Salts could reach skin’s bottom to cleanse deeply, care elaborately your tender skin, easily washing, keep skin’s healthy breath. Hydrating, moisturizing Increase skin’s water content and it’s ability of hydrating and moisturizing, keep skin moisture and healthy. Healthy skin, smooth and moisture Enjoy the beautiful flowers shower and bath, keep skin water balance and brilliance.

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